Best Video Conferencing App-A Comparison of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet

Video conferencing software is becoming an important technology due to Coronavirus. It has importance for both businesses and consumers. It is enabling businesses to keep functions and schools to keep teaching. For that purpose, everyone is wishing to have the best video conferencing app.

Moreover, it has become an important tool for friends and family to stay connected with each other during isolation.

That’s good news for sellers of video conferencing. However, there is huge traffic of buyers now and the competition among sellers has made it difficult for the buyer to make a decision. Moreover, sellers have adopted several special offers to attract new customers.

To help you select the best video conference app, we have discussed below the three most popular apps nowadays.

  • Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings has almost 200 million daily users. The users in the masses have resulted in exposing some securities concerns such as “Zoom-Bombing.” In response to these issues, the company added several layers of verifications.

Initially, a zoom meeting was created for business purposes. As compared to their competitors, the zoom is simple and easy to use.

The zoom meeting is highly competitive. It is because of its easy to use attraction. Now Zoom 5.0 is available. It is a key milestone in the company’s history.

This version has robust security enhancements. Moreover, it has added support for AES 256-bit CGM encryption. Zoom is expected to provide improved protection for data. Several people recommend zoom because of its wide range of control over the conferencing experience. One can control audio to pick better sound.

  • Microsoft Teams

When we think of a video conferencing tool, Microsoft Teams may not be the name that comes to our mind. However, it should be. Microsoft Teams has combined Business VoIP and has a conferencing feature all in one app.

Moreover, it is integrated with Microsoft’s business messaging suite and it is accessible to subscribers of Microsoft Office 365 Business.

Microsoft Teams has 44 million daily users. Out of Fortune 100 companies, 93 use Microsoft teams. During the pandemic time, the company has made it easier for people to use Teams.

Moreover, Team has provided free access to Office 365 for educators, students, and teachers. It has features of hosting up to 250 members.

  • Google Meet

Google Meet is a product which was earlier known as Google Hangout Meet. It is a cloud-based video-conferencing service. As per the company, it has around 2 million daily users. It has various corporate clients. It can handle meeting up to 250 members.

Recently, it is announced by google that they will be providing free access for education purposes by September 2020. It offers strong security and encryption.

  1. Price

Zoom Meetings: The starting price of the Zoom Meeting for a pro plan is $14.99 monthly for a single host. This plan is, particularly for small teams. It allows hosting 100 participants with a meeting duration of 24 hours. Another plan is $19.99 monthly per host for 10 hosts.  It is an Enterprise plan which allows hosting a maximum of 500 participants.

Microsoft Team: It provides three versions:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials

$5 per person monthly with an annual commitment

  • Office 365 Business Premium

$12.5 per person monthly with an annual commitment

  • Office 365 Business Enterprise

$20 per person monthly with an annual commitment

Google Meet: It comes with several tiers of G suit. It starts from $6 per user monthly and provides 30 GB of cloud storage. The Business tier costs $10 per user monthly and includes 1TB of cloud storage. The Enterprise version costs $25 and provides unlimited cloud storage. Moreover, these G suites allow up to 20 members.

  1. Feature and Functions

Zoom Meeting: The zoom meeting requires the most little effort. It takes only a few seconds if you have already installed their app. Connecting as a guest takes you directly to the meeting. It enables all the participants to enable and disable their audio and video. Moreover, it notifies about the connectivity of all participants.

Microsoft Teams: it has enabled its users to jump on a call via text message. One can record and share the screen. It provides various collaboration solutions to small and medium organizations and schools and universities. However, the video call tool is not so convincing.

Google Meet: it is so quick and easy to join. It also enables participants to mute their audio and turn off their cameras at any time. It has a feature of notifying the participant when they try to speak with mute audio.

  1. The Winner

Zoom meeting has faced several issues related to security and privacy. Its sudden shift from a business tool to a video conferencing app resulted in several pros and cons.

After the “Zoom Bombing” they will freeze all new developments until they address their security and privacy matters.

Microsoft is a good option. However, it is viable for the schools and businesses that have already invested in them. It does not seem like a new user can sign up only for video conferencing.

Google Meet provides a clear, clean, and easy solution to videoconference. Their security and privacy are up to the mark. It does not aloe external members to join the meeting 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Moreover, it has various compliance certifications. Furthermore, the Google G Suite is available at lower prices. So we can say the best video conferencing tool is Google Meet.

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