Effective Tips for Choosing a Technical Translation CompanyEffective Tips for Choosing a Technical Translation Company

It can be a handful to choose a translator as a partner for your company’s international documentation needs. Firstly, there are several of them in the market today. Secondly, you never know the reputations of every translation company, and it can also be challenging to examine them one by one. Hence, this article will provide you with essential factors to consider before choosing a technical translation company.

Technical translations are specialized translations involving documents typically produced by technical writers. Technical translators work on texts related to technological subject areas. They can also focus on the practical application of technological and scientific information. Now, how does one find a good technical translation company?

The translation company must pay close attention to detail

Regardless of how simple your document or project is, a technical translation company must be meticulous. There can be mistakes in document translation, so having a translator who pays close attention to details is advantageous. Even minor mistakes can somehow change the meaning and context of the text or the document. These small errors might cost you, customers. While these are just a few of the common consequences one might encounter, it is not uncommon.

Consider choosing technical translation company services where translators are experts in the document that needs translation. They must also be hesitant to clarify and ask questions to avoid misunderstandings.

Native speakers and translation experts are not similar

Just because you know a native speaker of a particular language does not mean they are a language expert. Choosing technical translation company providers for your business is critical. In some cases, companies solely hire language-capable translators. However, there is more to documentation translation than meets the eye.

There might be some native speakers that are also translation experts, but most are not. Also, with technical translations, translators must be knowledgeable and experts in some technicalities and terms of the texts to be translated. Successful translators have to be good communicators. More than that, they must be experts in the culture, local language, and your business.

There must be effective project managers

Not all clients have similar qualifications and specifications. Hence, there must be someone in charge of the translation process. Project managers ensure a finely-tuned translation process. They can also guarantee the timely completion of translation projects. Project managers in translation companies serve as guides that keep the translation process moving seamlessly. They primarily instruct, supervise, and coordinate various project phases.

Circle Translations provide professional and efficient project managers that monitor the translation process. They will also act as the primary contact person throughout the whole process. These managers are native speakers and experts in your preferred language and specialize in various industries.

Translation companies must have professional editors

A meticulous translation company has professional editors onboard. These people review the translated documents to ensure that the message is complete, concise, and understandable for the target audience. In choosing technical translation company services, ensure they have editors who can proofread and confirm that the context of the translated document is similar to the original one. Otherwise, you might have to look for another service provider.

Regardless of how reliable a project manager is, the output will not be very commendable if they do not have the necessary translators and editors.

Translators must have localization abilities

Localization is necessary when it comes to the document translation of your business. Without it, you won’t know which part of the message may not resonate with your target readers. There might be terms and phrases acceptable in one culture that will be unacceptable in another. Or your text may sound or fall flat. A translation expert ensures that the output passes the business’s message to any culture.

Besides culture, there might be words from one industry that are not applicable in another. Hence hiring a company with capable technical translators is one of the main factors you should not miss considering.

Carefully Choose your technical translator

Your business or project deserves to work with the best technical translation company. With Circle Translations, you are not only getting the best technical translators and project managers, but we are also cost-effective. We price projects individually to guarantee the most cost-effective document translation process. In some cases, business documents can involve confidential files. Hence, all personnel with access to your documents and data are subject to non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

More importantly, in choosing technical translation company providers, they must offer a variety of industries. Here are Circle Translations; we have specialists in IT, electronics, telecommunications, textiles, safety data sheets, patents, and construction and engineering.


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