Elon Musk Brain Chip to cure Depression and Addiction

Elon Musk, CEO and owner of Tesla and SpaceX is a billionaire. He has recently revealed more information regarding his upcoming project, which is Neuralink brain chip. It is been said that this chip will retrain the brain cells which will result in curing depression and addiction. Let’s see how Elon Musk brain chip works.

What is Depression?

The most common and serious medical illness is depression. It negatively affects how someone feels, the way they think and act upon situations. The presence of depression makes you sad and you lose interest in all the activities you once enjoyed. Depression causes several emotional and physical problems. A depressed person will never be able to function properly either at home or at work. Particularly, in times of Corona, the cases of depression are getting higher. There are several symptoms if you are going through depression. These include:

  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • If you do not have an interest in any activity around you
  • Appetite changes- one may lose weight or one may gain it
  • Lower sleep spans/ or too much sleep
  • Less energy and increased tiredness
  • Difficult to concentrate on things
  • Suicidal thoughts

How to Manage Depression?

Mental disorders are considered to be diseases that cannot be cured using the medicine. There are several therapies available. However, a patient may not get a complete cure from a brain disorder. In the United States, several brain complications have reached the highest rates those include depression or obsession. These situations have worsened since the start of lockdown due to COVID.

Elon Musk has come up with a solution to these conditions. The solution is a brain implant. Musk has a company named Elon musk Neuralink which was founded in 2016. They have been working on a small chip. This chip enables us to connect the human brain with computers.

The basic purpose of this chip is to provide humans advanced Artificial intelligence technology.

On Thursday, July 9, Musk was questioned about the benefits of this chip, particularly for mental conditions. He said that this chip will be helpful to cure human depression or obsession.

On Twitter Pranay Pathole asked:

“Can Neuralink be used to retrain the part of the brain which is responsible for causing addiction or depression? It’d be great if Neuralink can be used for something like addiction/ depression,”

In response Musk said

“For sure, this is both great and terrifying. The early universe was just a soup of quarks and leptons. How did a very small piece of the universe start to think of itself as sentient?”

How the Brain Chip Will Work?

As per Tech Crunch, brain chips will be implanted into the brain in the form of thin wire through a surgical robot. Once it is implanted inside the brain, the chip will be then connected to the external computer. This will form a wireless link between the brain and the computer. Neuralink will use this chip as a medium to convert humans into cyborgs.

The same study about reading the minds was conducted by The Royal Society Studies. In its 2019 Neuralink news report, the experts explained that:

“People could become telepathic to some degree, able to converse not only without speaking but without words – through access to each other’s thoughts at a conceptual level,” the report stated. “Not only thoughts but sensory experiences could be communicated from brain to brain. Someone on holiday could beam a ‘neural postcard’ of what they are seeing, hearing, or tasting into the mind of a friend back home.”

Neuralink is one of the best Elon musk inventions. This company is private and not listed publically so no one can invest in the neuralink stock, same in the case of SpaceX stock. To get more information related to this topic or any tech-related topics visit here.

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