Exercise Bikes-How Recumbent Bike Recovers Post Injury

If a person does regular exercise (running or weightlifting) it would be terrible for them to stay away from exercise even for a few days. Within a few days, their muscles will become weak and their body will start losing mass. Here comes the exercise bikes especially recumbent bike.

When a person who regularly exercises, suffers an injury to legs, knees, or back, the most difficult task for him/her is to stay away from exercise. The solution for them is rehabilitation bikes. It keeps their body in motion and enables them to return to regular exercise as soon as possible.

In this article, we will discuss the need and importance of rehabilitation bikes to rehab several joints of the body.

Why Rehabilitation bikes are important to recover from an injury?

There are a few factors that are important to consider by an injured person to recover as soon as possible. These factors make rehabilitation bikes an important post-injury recovery method.

Limited Movements

The first thing to recover from an injury is not to limit your body movements. For this purpose, a rehabilitation bike is an excellent method. It allows your body to be in motion even if you are seriously injured without worsening the injury. It enables you to perform several types of exercise just using a cycle.  With the help of a cycle, you can keep your arms, back, neck, and other joints in motion.

Safe to use

If we compare a rehabilitation cycle with a regular bicycle, the rehabilitation bike is safer to use and helps in recovering from injury. This is a reason it is famous among rehab facilities.

However, if someone is using a Cannonade bike outside, there are several chances that it worsens the injury or causes a new injury.


An exercise bike allows the users a variety of settings and personalization. Peoples can customize it according to their weight, age, and comfort level.

Rehabilitation bikes offer a wide array of settings and customizations to suit people of all ages, sizes, and injuries. You can adjust the bike to be comfortable regardless of your height or weight which allows you to remain comfortable no matter what.

If an injured person is in pain he/she can use a reclining bike. It is an excellent solution in this situation because it enables you to recline with cycling. This is why exercising bikes are a perfect solution to recover from an injury.

For which injuries an exercise bike is helpful?

Knee Injury

Foldable exercise bikes are very popular for knee injury among rehab centers and even at home. However, it is subject to every individual. The healing of a knee injury is really difficult and painful. Various muscles in the knee are responsible for various movements.

Starting slowly and gradually moving towards high revolutions can do wonders for a knee injury. However, it is always suggested to consult a physician before starting such exercise.

Back injury

An exercise bike is an essential tool for people suffering from a back injury. For this injury, a reclining bike is recommended. It allows your back to remain constant.

However, it is also subjective to every individual situation. It is recommended to consult your physician before making any decision.

Hip Injury

As exercise bikes are fixed in one place, they are an essential tool for a hip injury. In a hip injury, it is suggested not to move your body unnecessarily. It is only possible with the help of a rehabilitation bike. However, consult your physician before starting an exercise.

Exercise bikes are best for post-injury recovery?

There are two types of exercise bikes for post-injury recovery.

1.     Recumbent Bikes

This is the most comfortable bike than any other bike. It allows the user to sit somewhere in the lounge. It is best for people dealing with hip and back injuries. Moreover, it is also the best type to rehab knees as they put a lot of pressure on knees.
These are also available as recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bicycles are found best for exercise.


  • ​A lot of relaxation and enjoyable
  • ​Easy to get in and out
  • ​Best for those having severe injuries


  • ​They are of large size
  • ​Put a lot of pressure on ankles
Upright Bikes

These bikes are commonly used by rehab centers. These bikes are usually in an upright position and allow the person to sit in a higher position. It is difficult for a person to get in and out of this bike particularly for old age persons.

These bikes come with a different feature for knee injuries. However, it puts a lot of backpressures.

Whichever bike you decide best for you, do not forget to consult your doctor beforehand.


  • ​Best for the upper body
  • ​It is smaller in size


  • ​Difficult to get in and out of for people suffering from injuries
Final Words

If you have an injury there is no perfect exercise for you. An injured person is always at risk of another injury. One should always decide which could be the best strategy for them.

However, doing something is always better than doing nothing. Best of Luck!

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