Ford Ranger Accessories you Must Know Before Buy It

What is Ford Ranger?

As Ford Ranger is a very costly vehicle, its accessories must be standard ones and no compromise should be made to replace it. Ford Ranger is famous worldwide for its number of accessories. There are different types of accessories manufactured by Ford. Such as ford ranger canopies, central locking, tailgate liner, wing mirror, and tool kit.

You can also add some accessories to enhance the looks like floor mats, sports bar, rims, etc. But one of the most essential vehicles is the Ford Ranger snorkel. If you are the one who loves adventure sports and travel, then you must install this snorkel in your SUV.

Points to Consider

If you have yet not considered installing it in your vehicles, then here we have mentioned some essential advantages of Ford Ranger snorkel. Once you read these advantages you will understand why you must have these snorkels in your vehicle.

The snorkel raises whenever the vehicle is driven for a long time to protect it from outside specks of dust. Even, for the water-protection it is mandatory.  It prevents the engine from ingesting harmful elements from nature. It also increases the airflow of engines.

Ford Ranger Snorkel has a Water separating air ram. Which is designed in a way that it helps in removing the water from the air stream. The air ram of the Ford Ranger is durable, and It is UV stable. This provides added strength.

It comes with a comprehensive fitting guide and a precise installation template to allow you to install it without any hassles.

Major Benefits

One of the major benefits of these snorkels is that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Ford and other SUV engines demand huge airflow. Thus, the Ford Snorkel is designed in a way that it raises the air intake but keeps the air of the vehicle clean and fresh. Another significant benefit of these snorkels is that they provide a massive volume of clean and cool air into the stock air cleaner.

There are two major roles of the snorkel, one that it keeps the air clean, and the other is to separate the water from the air. Breaking down vehicles in the rainy season is quite a common problem but if you have a snorkel designed by Ford you won’t face this issue. Ford Ranger Snorkel acts as one of the best water separators. This ensures the safety of vehicle and engine during rains, or even when you are driving through heavy storms or roads with water clogging.

If you will buy a genuine Ford Ranger Snorkel you will find out that it is manufactured with the highest standards, it is durable and UV stable. It is made from high-quality cross-linked polyethylene material. It has the desired wall thickness that provides it its physical strength.  No matter how tough your terrain is with this snorkel you will get through it easily.


When it comes to buying you must ensure to buy it only from an authenticated car dealer. Even these are available from leading companies who have great market stocks for these products.  You can also order these kits online from the Ford Ranger website or other online portals that are genuine.

Before selecting your dealer make sure to check his license and read the reviews about the products he sells.  It is because in car parts and accessories there are many chances of buying duplicate accessories.  Another thing that you must ensure is to get it installed by an expert installer. If the Ford Ranger snorkel is not installed correctly it will not work as efficiently as it should rather it may create more problems in your vehicle.


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