Guide To Clearing And Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes

Blocked drains and pipes are nothing less than a nightmare. Whenever there is an issue of blocked drains and pipes, you will notice a putrid smell coming out of black sludge that makes the surrounding difficult to bear with. No matter whether you are talking about residential drains and pipes or commercial drains and pipes. This problem is common to see everywhere. You can try to clear the blockage if it seems to be a small one, but calling in experts for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes becomes imperative if the issue has aggravated to a large extent.

However, all of this doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time for drains and pipes to get blocked. And if you want to avoid such issues. Then you need to know what causes them to get clogged so that you can focus on the root cause and take preventive steps beforehand to avoid such issues in the near future.

What Causes Drains And Pipes To Get Blocked?

Blocked drains and pipes are common issues. But many of us are still unaware of what causes this issue to occur so frequently. We won’t be able to prevent the reoccurrence of this issue until we learn about its root cause.

Accumulation of soap, dirt, and grime is the common reason for blocked drains and pipes. This soap scum then further attracts hair strands. And other debris that passes through the drains and pipes. When this happens over some time, it leads to blocked drains and pipes.

Similarly, toilets drain and pipes also get blocked due to toilet paper. And other things that are being flushed into them. Moreover, if the sewage system of your house is infiltrated with tree roots, then it can also cause drains and pipes to get blocked. In any of the above scenarios, it is of urgent need. To call in experts for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes.

How Experts Unblock And Perform Drain Relining Service?

Whether you talk about bathroom drains, or kitchen drains. They all end up getting blocked at some point in time due to various types of grease, soap scum, hair strands. And other debris getting inside them over a period of time. Professionals who will visit your place for clearing and relining blocked drains. And pipes are always equipped with a special set of tools and equipment for doing this special task. They make use of the below-mentioned tools.

  • Hydro Jets

    This is one of the most sophisticated tools used by plumbers for clearing out all sorts of drains and pipes. In this process, experts use a hose that comes with a nozzle on one end and connected to the machine on another end that generates water at high pressure; when the machine is turned on, the water jet at high pressure is directed towards the blocked drain. This high-pressure water forces the debris to move out from the drain, making it free from all blockages.

  • Hot Water

    After clearing out with the help of a water jet, experts sometimes use hot water to test the flow of water and also to remove any remaining grease or soap scum. Regularly, you can use hot water to flush through the toilet or sink; it will clear off the blockages.

  • High-Pressure Jet

    After identifying and removing the blockage, the high-pressure jet is used to make all the drains and pipes completely clutter and debris free.

  • Use of Plunger

    This is also a tool that is used for clearing the blockage by using the vacuum method. This process loosens the blockage, and once the blockage is loose plumbers easily displace it completely.

  • Use of Toilet Snake or Auger

    If a plunger is not able to remove the blockage completely, then this tool known as toilet snake or auger is used. It is equipped with a rotating head that is enough to break through any deep down blockage in your drains and pipes.


By now you would have gained a complete insight into the common reasons for blocked drains and the best ways for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes.


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