How to Find an Experienced and Reliable Mechanic?

You might be an owner of a BMW or a Mustang or you might have just bought your dream car. Whatever the case may be, you have to take care of your car like your own child. And for this, you will need an experienced and reliable mechanic who can handle whatever trouble the car is in after it has travelled a certain amount of distance.

A local mechanic or an authorized service provider can solve your problem. But you have to keep in mind that your dream car needs to be taken care of only by a professional mechanic.

There are several ways by which you can find an expert to repair your ride. Here we will discuss some of the most convenient ways to find the one at your disposal.

  1. Look in Car-clubs or Car-forums

The most convenient way among all is searching for car-clubs or car-forums. These clubs and forums are scattered all over the country and each brand has its club which may operate at your location. Several big companies, such as Datsun, Hyundai, Ducati, BMW, Toyota, Honda, etc. have their dedicated national level forums and local centres.

You can browse the web and look for the local centre of your car-brand and get a telephone number. You can contact them over the phone describing your problem and consequently ask for the required help.

Various forums such as,, Bimmerforums, and several brand-specific forums provide sufficient information to the car owner. These forums contain a list of experienced and reliable mechanic that can serve your purpose.

  1. Chat with Your Car-dealer

Your dealer might also be the easiest way to get help if you have a good personal relationship with the owner. Out-of-Warranty car doesn’t bring in more money than the on-warranty cars, but the dealer can help you out by recommending a professional mechanic who can easily repair your car. They might ask you for a professional fee, which is not a problem if your car gets treated by an experienced mechanic, advocated by your car-dealer.

  1. Consult Your Friends

Your friends might have been through the same situation that you are in right now. So, consulting them about your trouble might be of great help to you. They can advocate their mechanic which will be a great help as you can see their previous work samples. Most importantly they might warn you about the dealers or mechanics whom you must avoid.

Presumably, you have a large number of friends who own a car and of different brands. This will give you greater flexibility in comparing their experience regarding the repair work. If you share the same model with any of your friends, then it an added bonus.

  1. Internet is a Solution for Everything

At last, you have the almighty power of Google that can get you all the necessary help you need. Search dealers or mechanics that are currently operational in your area. You can even see the reviews given by the previous customers which can guide you to get the right help., are popular websites in this section. Due to the huge number of dealers and mechanics available in your area, you might not get every single one listed on these websites. Although, the user reviews might be the only real thing that you don’t need to worry about. It can clear all your doubts regarding which experience and reliable mechanic you must go for and which you should avoid.

Final Takeaway

Your car may be your most precious material possession. So, if it is not healthy and fit, you must take it to the best doctor available. We have helped you with how to find out the most experienced and reliable mechanic. We know it is hard to find the best mechanic for your car but if you find the one, we recommend that you pass on the information to your friend who might need it later in future.


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