Know When and Why to Avail Air Polishers Repairs

Dental plaques and stains are common life challenges for tea or coffee lovers. However, no one likes to smile around with stained teeth, and this when you need to visit your dentist and get a stain or plaque removal treatment. While earlier, the traditional stain removal procedures took hours in a dentist’s chamber, nowadays, improved and advanced technology like air-polishing technique (EMS Air-Flow) has cut off all the hassle. Air polishing is a common dental procedure that gently removes heavy stains and plaques, without stressing gums, delicate porcelain layers of teeth, or any existing crownwork. Fast and efficient air polishers are tools that offer easy teeth whitening treatment. However, since it is a tool, you cannot ignore air polishers’ repairs requirements of basic maintenance and repairs like any other industrial tool.

Technical Working of Dental Air Polishers

An Air Polisher system is one of the most effective dental equipment for easy and quick removal of stains and plaques. The mechanism involves a powder mixture and jet water spray which gently cleans out the stains. There are a lot of advantages for which dentists around the world prefer this tool above traditional stain removal procedures. These tools also need efficient maintenance to work properly. For optimal performance, you can ensure that your air polishers repairs are done by:

  • Licensed professionals or manufacturer at authorized service stations
  • Annual maintenance of air polishers is recommended

Recognizing Need for Air Polishers Repairs

If you ensure routine maintenance of your dental tools, it minimizes the repair issues. However, despite that sometimes you might notice the mechanism needs repair.  All you need to do is keep a note of different changes in the normal working of the machine:

  • Check for loud noise
  • Low pressure in water spray
  • Problems with Switching on and off

How to Avail Repairs

First, you can check your tool manual, in order to know if any operative faults are causing issues with the machine. You can check all the settings to ensure you have set it right. Even after that the issues persist, see for repair professionals. Air polishers repairs need to be done by professional licensed experts. Check online or call up customer service to locate the nearest repair services around you.

If you are looking to hire a service provider, check their online review. Apart from the expertise, you need to ensure some other factor as well, like:

  • If the professional has handled before the brand of air polisher you are using.
  • If the repair center offers manufacturer authorized original parts in repairing
  • The license of repair specialists
  • Fast delivery of repair services
  • Certified repair service

Oral health treatments and care have undergone a major advancement in the past few decades. Today with modernized and advanced tools, oral health professionals are not only adhering to the latest and improved technologies, but they are also offering advanced treatments. However, when you are using improved tools in your clinic, it is best to keep repair services contacts accessible to you. Clinical and industrial tools need professional maintenance and repair services, therefore manufacturers in many cases offer a list of authorized service stations in prime locations.

You can check online for popular air polishers’ repair services, go through their site to know their periphery of services. Many repair services offer instant assistance where you can avail of on-spot help. Seek for a proper warranty on repair services, for professionals always offer a warranty on repairs as well. You can also get annual maintenance packages available from these repair centers to confirm that your clinical tools are always in the best performance.



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