Kusadasi-Top Destinations in this City to Visit in 2020

This world is full of amazing sceneries. We all are curious to visit as much as we can. Almost all the places on earth have their own value. If we talk about tropical countries their weather is moderate. If we talk about northern countries their weather is cold. This is the beauty of nature, nature has mixed the attraction. Some places are full of mountains, lakes, and greenery. On the other side, some places have beaches and deserts. There are also some places on the earth having both like Kusadasi. Every year, a lot of people from the globe decide to visit such places. There are some people who spend their whole life discovering the beauty of nature. They travel all the way from beaches to mountains and hot weather to cold.

There are many countries enrich with the beauty of nature, here we will talk about the famous city Kusadasi turkey. There are a lot of things that one will love to visit. I will describe all those things on this blog one by one.

Here are the most famous and attractive places in this city:

Aegen Castle:

The first landmark that we are going to discuss in this city is the castle. This castle has its historical importance. It’s very famous in the city, people come not just from the turkey but also from across the border. The main thing about this castle is there is a pigeon island with this castle. People love to visit this place when they come to turkey.


This place is also in this city. This place is famous because of its entertainment activities. It’s a water park which is very beautiful. There are many different styles of the waterpark in the globe, but it has its own value. People do visit this place and enjoy the entertainment activities. In this water park, they have all the facilities available on the beaches.

Tortuga Water Park:

Same like the adaland, this is also a water park. There are all modern facilities are available. People come to this place from different countries and enjoy.

Ladies Beach:

It does not matter where we live in the world, we all have seen beaches or at least we know what it is. The world is full of beautiful and natural beaches. As we know there are almost millions of beaches in the world, so why we are discussing this. The important thing about this beach is it’s only available for ladies. Like other beaches in the world where both sexes can enjoy, here only ladies can visit. This beach is full of ladies and kids.

Cappello Beach Club:

This is also a beach but not an ordinary one. We have seen beaches full of sand, beach chairs, and lifeguards. Here on this beach, you will find a club. This beach is really an amazing amusement for tourists. A lot of people arrange their marriage ceremonies on this beach. This beach is also a restaurant. This beach also provides facilities available in a hotel.

Dilek National Park:

This place is famous as a national park. A lot of tourists come to this place and enjoy the live view of national animals. It’s the same as a safari park, but this place is natural. The government is taking care of this place and providing security services. The Government asks you to follow SOPs. It’s the symbol of safe travel turkey like safe travel USA.


The hotels available in this region are amazing. Almost all the hotels have beautiful sceneries. One of the most famous hotels in Aqua Fantasy hotel. This hotel is also a water park; people staying here enjoy such facilities.


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