Live Tv without Cable-Different Sources are Mentioned Here

We spend a lot of time watching tv and using the internet. We are living in the 21st century and here everything is advanced. All-day we are surrounded by different gadgets. At home we are watching tv, at the office, we are working on laptops or desktops. If we are outside we are using our mobile to capture pictures or we use it to play games. In our routine, we watch tv to stay up to date with the world. Here I will give you a solution to watch live tv without cable.

Movies and Entertainment

Before online tv, we use to watch it on cables. The hectic thing was, we were unable to ravine or forward it. Now we can access it online. There are many apps and channels which are providing such services. If I talk about my own experience I am really satisfied now. I love to watch movies and when a new movie comes I have to wait for it to come on tv. It took too long to come on tv. Now I have been using The best part is that I can download any latest movie which is released recently. No need to wait that long for release on cable.

5 Different Sources

  • Sling Tv
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • CBS All Access
  • Hulu with Live Tv


All these 5 companies are providing services for watching tv without using a cable connection. There is a similarity in all these sources but their features are different. If I talk about Netflix, they provide a new web series on time. Their quality is amazing, they sponsor movies and dramas. It is one of the best and popular nowadays.

Sling Tv:

We can understand its function by the name. This company is providing all tv channels worldwide, which are displaying sports, web series, and movies. The best part is we can get live access through the internet. There is no need for using cables. It can be watched on mobiles and laptops too. If you love sports you will love it. Just simply access it and watch live streaming. If your children like cartoons you can access that too. You can watch even outside the home, no need to stay near the Tv.

Amazon Prime Video:

Same like Netflix amazon is also providing the same services. A lot of movies and web series get sponsorship through amazon. It promotes their content before release. Amazon Prime provides access to its users to watch the latest movies online. Simply buy the subscription, login, and then start watching online. There is a small fee on a monthly or annual basis, but it worth it.

Hulu Tv:

This is another company providing live tv facility to its users. This company provides live streaming to all your favorite channels. Same as above it also charges a fee to its users.


There are more ways to watch live streaming online. Apps like DTH Live Tv, Tv HD Live World News, and a lot more provide this facility. Simply go to the play store or app store and download any live tv app. This app will allow you to watch Tv channels online. There are many apps which are free and some are paid. There might be a difference between the functions and quality of both. One of the best channels is youtube. It is now providing a live streaming facility.


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