Morning Routine Ideas That are Worth Considering

Apart from yoga, meditation, sports, and reading, a few other morning routine ideas are incredibly effective.

There is no secret anymore in the power of morning routines. For many decades, the most successful peoples around the world are involved in morning rituals. For example, Bill Gates begins his day by running on a treadmill. Benjamin Franklin got up at 4 am to schedule his activities throughout the day. Oprah spends at least 20 minutes meditating to start her day. However, there are a majority of peoples who got up in a hurry to begin their day and they do not know how to start the morning routine.

A morning routine helps you to start your day properly. Moreover, it increases your productivity and health throughout the day. A best morning routine helps in releasing stress. It helps you to focus on the good side of things.

I want to introduce you few of healthy morning routines that are effective.


This may not be exceptional. However, the majority of people disregard to drink enough water. One should keep him/herself hydrate throughout the day, particularly in the morning. When we sleep, we spend several hours hydrating our bodies; this practice should not be carried throughout the day.

If we spend six or more hours in a day without hydration, it causes weakness, headache, and such other symptoms. This is why it is necessary to hydrate your body once you wake up. Dehydration causes tiredness and lowers the productivity level. Therefore if you feel tired in the morning, it could be because of dehydration not lack of sleep.

Personally, I like to have warm water in the morning. Moreover, I prefer water with lemon and turmeric in it. That not only hydrates my body but also provides important nutrients to my body.

A Morning Walk

Some people don’t like to do exercise in the morning, for them, going for a morning walk would be a great option. A morning walk to breathe in the fresh air could be the daily best daily routine for a healthy life. Particularly, it is fantastic if you have a small park just around the corner. Morning walk not only clear your mind but also provides many other health benefits.

As per Harvard Medical School, daily mornings walk:

Scrape your Tongue

Tongue scraping is an Ayuverdic practice for self-care. It is around for decades. Normally, you brush and floss your teeth regularly. However, if you do not scrape your tongue, your mouth would be full of bacteria, dead cells, and toxins.

Moreover, tongue scrapping helps in promoting oral and digestive health. It improves your taste buds and creates a defense against poor breath.

A tongue scraper would costs you only a few bucks. However, it would be a game-changer for your oral health.

Dry Brush your Skin

Brushing your teeth and hair is pretty normal, but what about the skin? Dry brushing is not so common. However, it is highly effective to clean your body inside out. It improves your blood circulation. Moreover, it helps to open pores and regulate the nervous system.

Must include this in your morning routine because the idol time for skin brushing the right before morning bath so that the dead cells will be washed out. However, it is not recommended to brush your skin daily. It is completely fine if you practice it once or twice a week.

Listen to Binaural Beats

Binaural beats bring your brain in the same situation as you are meditating. It is a kind of technology which helps to make our mind in a focus. Listening to these beats helps us to easily and quickly get into a meditating state.

“It is possible that hormonally induced physiological behavior changes may be made apparent by measuring the binaural-beat spectrum.”     Dr. Gerald Oster

Binaural Beats are recommended to those who fight to get into the meditating state every morning. Moreover, these beat helps reduce anxiety and stress and improves productivity and creativity.

A morning routine should not be exhausting. Just choose one of these rituals (except hydration, it is a must) and see how it makes you feel better throughout your day. The morning routine is perfect as a daily routine for a healthy body and mind.

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