Quitting Caffeine for a Week- Results were Surprising

Just a week ago, I finally decided to quit a specific diet plan that I was addicted to. For several years I have been using products on a routine basis which are totally made of cruel ingredients and harmful chemicals — my body required a break from it all. When I say detox that means for a long period of time where I do not use these artificial products for myself so my body can retune itself into a natural form. One of these routine products that I exactly knew I wanted a break from is coffee. Caffeine has suffered me over some rough mornings and especially when I needed comfort, and I know that when I am craving something like I do for coffee it is not good for my health. So now I have decided of quitting caffeine, especially coffee, for as much long as I can.

After passing more than a week now here is how my caffeine detox has affected me:

Day First:

On the very first day, I was quite surprised and happy to get no effects of caffeine withdrawal. I did not have a headache within the first few hours of my day, instead, I was feeling energetic. There was no negative sign of quitting coffee. At 3:00 p.m everything was going perfectly. After that, I started feeling a headache, and I knew it was not an ordinary headache. The pain was so bad and I knew it was obvious that was happening with me. I gave up on that, making myself a cup of green tea. After having tea I was feeling better and also I did not felt any decline in my energy.

Day Second:

From the past day experience, I was thinking that I would go through again with that headache. When the second day started I was surprised as I did not feel a headache all day! My energy level was normal and I was feeling better. Because of the day first experience, day second without a headache was a surprise day for me. Life without caffeine was feeling much better.

Day Third:

On day three after an hour or two of being awake, I was feeling terrible headache. After passing day two I was not expecting this again but I just started and made me feel that how badly my body needed this detox. Once again I had to give up and made a green tea. As I know green tea is much better than coffee or at least it is caffeine-free. After having tea I was feeling better again and after that, I did not feel any headache all day!

Day Fourth:

Day four was a bit tricky for me after knowing how my body was reacting to quit caffeine. I had a slight headache for the whole day. I didn’t know whether I was use too of all that or something else, but the effect of headache was not as bad as I felt on earlier days. Finally, I decided not to go for a green tea on day four instead I let my body controlled it. On that day I felt much better and instead of feeling creepy headache. I noticed that I was feeling very energetic as compared to other days!

Day Five:

On day five finally, I felt like giving up coffee is now working. My energy level was normal, and I wasn’t feeling a headache. I felt like my body was recovering itself out and learning how to survive without coffee. To see the benefits of quitting caffeine, keep doing this process.

Day Six and Seven:

Same as day five, I did not feel any headache on days six and seven. Finally, I started feeling my body is balanced.

Although I have been without caffeine for over a week now, I quiet have had no real craving to get a tea or coffee. I am very happy to make that decision of quitting coffee. Moreover all of the health benefits of preventing my body from caffeine addiction, also now I will not spend money on such detox. After a few days with this routine, you will start seeing the benefits of quitting coffee.

Benefits After Giving Up Caffeine:

With the help of this detox, I have now started drinking extra water in the morning as I was use too of caffeine. I’m feeling very positive about this caffeine-free lifestyle. giving up caffeine resulted into:

  • less anxiety
  • better sleep,
  • more efficient absorption of nutrients,
  • healthier teeth
  • balanced brain chemistry
  • lower blood pressure
  • No more creepy headache
  • health digestion

so if you are reading this blog and trying to give your body a break from caffeine, go this way. It will not hurt you and even it does you can have a green tea to reduce the effect. Adopt this routine and you will see how your body will ultimately get itself on a track.

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