SHOWBOX APK- How to Access it on Different Devices?

Do you enjoy watching movies and TV shows? Of course, everyone does. Every year our modern cinema gives hundreds of TV shows, movies, and a lot of interesting content to enjoy. The question is; where to watch all these effortlessly. In this article, I am going to answer this question. I am going to introduce you all to ShowBox Apk which is a great video streaming app. It allows you to access any type of entertainment content, movies, and shows in one place.

Sounds great, right? All forms of content are given in a single application. Now you don’t need to get different applications. Everything is accessible through ShowBox.

One’s entertainment should not be interrupted in any way. It is only possible with ShowBox. It is an online video streaming service which allows a user to access all type of videos, shows without paying any cent. Moreover, it is available for users of all types of devices such as android, iOS, tablets, and even desktops. This service puts a lot of pressure on the other services where users pay a heavy amount for video streaming services.

The interface of this service is amazing because it is adjustable and customizable according to the needs of users. The most amazing part is a user can enjoy video streaming without getting interrupted by ads and pop-ups which normally appears on other free sites.

What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is a universal multi-platform video streaming application. It offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and various other videos without paying any cent. ShowBox uses peer to peer and non-peer to peer sources to show content over your screens. However, the content available on this device might not be fully legal. Some of the content available here is pirated and they outsource the rest of the content from torrent. ShowBox provides you the facility to download any of the content available to view them offline.

There are a lot of other services available for video streaming over the internet. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO are famous among them. However, they charge heavy amounts for their services. This is why ShowBox is getting a dent over all other services.

Features of ShowBox:

  • The ShowBox provides you all the services free of cost. It does not have any hidden costs.
  • It is very easy to install it on all types of devices like android, iOS, tabs, and desktops.
  • This app not only allows the users to access and watch online their favorite movies and show but also allow them to download and watch them later. Even the downloading is free.
  • On ShowBox fewer ads display. Moreover, displaying ads is not irritating.
  • ShowBox not only offers access to free movies and shows but also provides free music.
  • The developers keep the app updated on regular basis. So the users can enjoy the latest movies and shows.
  • The interface of ShowBox is user friendly. It is easy to install and use. Moreover, it is supported by a dark theme to allow users to enjoy movies at night.

Is ShowBox Legal? Or VPN is required to access it?

One of the important questions for many people is that ShowBox legal? The company is on a thin line of legality. As they provide pirated copies of various content. There is no data stored on the server of ShowBox. They link the content directly from torrent files and other data storage. This is why no one can bring the company to criminal liability for just linking the data.

Lately, there had been an extensive try to ban this service to offer pirated content. Initially, the legal bodies were successful in shutting down the services. However, the continuous pressure from the users of this service encouraged developers to find other ways to continue its access to users. Therefore, it is now available to the users in form of ShowBox. Users can install the application at any time and connect to live streaming without any delay.

However, users take the risk. If someone takes extra precautions, he/she will not face any problem. Moreover, it is suggested to use a VPN while accessing ShowBox because at some point its content may not be legal to access. Especially, it is a must to use VPN while using the latest version of ShowBox.

Downloading ShowBox APK:

As mentioned above, ShowBox is still available and running fine. The next question is from where to download it. When ShowBox was introduced it was only available to the users of android. However, the developers later expanded its access to the other users to make it available to each and every one. Now users of a variety of platforms such as android, iOs, PC, and tablets can access it.

Below I have briefly explained how one can download ShowBox for different devices.

Downloading ShowBox on Android:

Downloading an Android application is pretty easy. You only need to download an APK of ShowBox. However, as this file is from an unknown source. Therefore, the user must allow its device to download the file from an unknown source from the setting. You can follow this process;

  • Go to phone setting> Security setting> Unknown Sources. You need to enable this option.
  • Now just go to the app store and download the ShowBox and install it just like any other android application.

Now a user can enjoy their favorite music, videos, movies, and shows without any delay. A user can also customize the app setting according to their preferences and save this setting for future use.

Downloading ShowBox on PC:

In order to download ShowBox on PC. You just need to have a copy of the APK file downloaded from the internet. This is easily available online. Once you have the file you need to get a basic emulator using your web browser. This emulator should be supporting google play and google play services. Once the download is complete, you will open it and tick the option for download for unknown sources. It is there for security reasons. Then the app will be automatically installed and you can enjoy streaming right after.

Downloading ShowBox on iOs:

It is a little difficult to download ShowBox on your iOs system than other devices and PC. It is because Apple takes the responsibility for its user’s security. Therefore, if you want to enjoy video streaming on your iOs, you need to download Vshare. Vshare is a device that allows users to download ShowBox on the iOs system.

Follow these steps;

  • Open Safari brower>in address bar type Vshare> download Vshare.
  • Open the downloaded app> click trust

This popup occurs for security reasons. Once it is download, type ShowBox in its address bar and wait a few moments. There will appear a download option just click it and the app will be downloaded to your iOS system and you can enjoy live streaming right after.

Why did the Showbox App ask for Gender and Age?

When we start with the application, they request information about our age and gender. Most of the users don’t know the reason why this information is required. It is required to access the age group of users. Not every type of data should be available to the user of every age. Minor users cannot watch adult content.

ShowBox gets the data and stores it on its server. It is never transferred to any third party. However, the data can be provided to the copyright holder upon request. The application does not require any other personal information. They cannot get any personal data from the device themselves. Therefore, the customer should not worry about their data. The application uses the provided data to determine the priorities of users and improve search results. This helps in providing better service to users.

Wrapping up

At last, if anyone is concerned that whether the application is still available then yes it is available for free download and installation. You don’t need to pay any cent for video streaming and enjoying movies at home. However, the app will continue to change to overcome security concerns in the way of entertainment. However, you just don’t need to worry about all that. Just go and download the Showbox for yourself and enjoy it. Happy streaming!


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