Tips To Clear Blocked Drains And Make It Clean

Blocked drains are a common problem, and sometimes the issue can become grave. Drains that are blocked causes a lot of problems and should be cleaned immediately. The absence of cleaning the drain can cause various health issues and allergies. There are expert services available to clean blocked drains, and one must make use of them in an effective manner. When the drains are blocked, it allows the water to flow backward, and this water stays on the floor.

In this blog, we will be focussing on some of the key measures that any homeowner can adopt to ver the problem of a blocked drain.

Methods to Lean Blocked Drain

Boiling Water:

Pouring hot water into the drain is an effective method to remove the blockage. The hot water allows the blockages to get dissolve and loosen, and the water starts flowing smoothly again. While using this method make sure that you are not pouring water into PVC pipes as it can loosen the joints of the pipe. If you are using a metal or ceramic pipe, then this method is good to go and is effective. The method is easy,  and there is not much confusion or effort required.

DIY Natural Cleaner:

You can create a drain cleaner all by yourself using baking soda and white vinegar. First, pour the baking soda into the drain, followed by vinegar. Now close the drain to prevent the bubbles from escaping out. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar produces oxygen which clears the inside of the drain and making it clean. You may have to repeat the process a few times for effective cleaning, and after done flush the drain with water to get rid of all the residue. This is a good method to clean blocked drains.

Caustic Cleaner:

You can purchase caustic drain cleaners from the supermarket or nearby hardware shop. The chemical mix in them is capable of cleaning the food, hair, and other stuff in the drain. These chemical cleaners are harmful to the environment and should be used sparingly. Always protect yourself when using them. These are commonly use to remove blockages from large drains and may not be suitable for small household needs. Anyway, caustic cleaners are a solution to blocked drains.


A plunger is very helpful in clearing drains as it is helpful in clearing clogged toilets. Make sure you cover any overflow before plunging, and the up and down pressure created while plunging can loosen the blocks in the drain, and the water can flow smoothly again. Plunging is most effective with solid blockages and may not be useful for grease build-up and mineral deposits. Buy one plunger in your home, and it is a good way to keep the drains safe.

Snake And CCTV:

If you are having trouble with more severe blockages, then a plumbers snake will be helpful. The rotating cable at the end of the coil spins so fast that all the blockages are cleaned fast, and the drain is clean as before. The drawbacks of snakes are that they have limited reach and blocks far down the drain may not be accessible with the snake. Anyway, it is a nice tool to try if you have a clogging issue. There is also a possibility of damaging the pipes, so it is advise to try the other methods first before going with a snake.


Blocked drains are a problem faced by many, and it is something that you should not ignore. We have discussed some of the key methods to get over the blocked drain issue. There are many methods b which these can be overcome and one needs to find the method that best fits his purpose and situation. Blocked drains affect health and hygiene and cause various health problems. It is important for us to stay safe and clean. The best advice would be to get the help of a drain cleaning services.


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