Top Tips of Split Systems Maintenance That You Should Know

Split systems air conditioners are units that are known to one of the most efficient cooling units to be found these days. This kind of system circulates air constantly, which is why the coils and filters get filled with dust and there is an accumulation of dirt within. For improved performance and for a longer lifespan, this type of system must be regularly serviced. This can ensure that the system is clean and can work properly. You can stay warm in winter and cool in summer, with no bad odor emitted in the house.

Here are some efficient split systems maintenance tips shared by professional maintenance service providers you need to follow.

  • Give Space to the Unit:

Although less space is needed by ductless air conditioners as compared to central air conditioners, these still function best in case you allow them lots of space to work in. It is best that you keep some space between the split system and your furniture or other objects. This can help the unit:

  1. Not get heated fast
  2. Work with optimum efficiency and Avoid Dust.

Try allowing a minimum of 4 feet of adjoining space to your mini-split system in each direction. This can reduce the need for repairs and ensure efficient split systems maintenance.

  • Replace or Clean Filters:

When filters get clogged, there can be a decrease in the efficiency of your system. The drop can be as much as 20%. You must follow the instructions of the manufacturer for maintaining your filters. Ensure that you replace or clean them at least one time every month when it is summer.

You need to get rid of all the debris at the time of efficient split systems maintenance. Remove the fan cage located on the outer compressor/condenser. Use a wrench or screwdriver, take the fasteners off, and lift away the fan grill or cage from atop the system. Clean debris and leaves from the inside with the help of a dry / wet vacuum or your hand.

  • Clean the Condenser & Coil:

You will also need to clean up the exterior part of your split unit if you want to execute efficient split systems maintenance. Make sure that it is free of debris and dirt. Ensure that it powers each component, prior to beginning your cleanup. You may utilize a basic garden hose for spraying the unit – monitoring the pressure, followed by manually dusting off any debris that remains.

  • Supervise the Pipes:

There can be an accumulation of dust and dirt in the pipes that allow the entry of warm or cold air into your house. There may be leaks in the pipes as well. Also, monitor the condition of the pipes now and then, such as while cleaning the filters up, during the efficient split systems maintenance work.

  • Straighten the Fins:

Keep in mind that any reduction in the flow of air can reduce the efficiency of the system through the fins. Thus, use a fin-straightening tool that is available commercially or a butter knife, to straighten the bent fins with care. Try to be gentle with your actions, so that there is no damage to the tubing that is integrated in the fins.


Before carrying out efficient split systems maintenance, shut power off to the unit. This is because there are dangers of working around moving parts of a split system that are operating with electricity. Look for an external shut-off box close to the unit on the exterior compressor/condenser. You should also shut off the power at the breaker box indoors.


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