Which Is Better: A Studio or a One-Bedroom Apartment?

Renting a Mumbai property can be a stressful activity, and there are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from the strain of your present tenancy coming to an end to the fear of never finding the ideal home that combines the holy trinity of cost-effectiveness, quality, and location. The terms studio and one-bedroom apartment are two of the most often confused and interchanged terms among the many various types of apartments available. So, what exactly is the distinction?

The following are the primary Difference between Studio and Bedroom Apartment-

1) The amenities

The pros and cons of Studio and Bedroom Apartments are different. When it comes to amenities, the basic rule is that a one-bedroom apartment will generally have more facilities on the inside. While a studio apartment will usually have more amenities on the exterior. Although a one-bedroom apartment will almost definitely come equipped with a complete kitchen. And white goods such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, and dishwasher. The building in which the apartment is located can be a little more bare-bones in comparison.

A studio, on the other hand, is unlikely to have many of the facilities. That you would expect to find in a typical home, but studio apartment complexes are often considered. Some of the most enjoyable places to live in a city. Studio apartment complexes are renowned for having everything from gyms and social areas to theatres. And gaming rooms, as well as on-site concierges and security. To make up for the lack of space in the apartments themselves.

2) Your privacy

Due to the fact that studio apartments do not have any internal walls. They are assured to be less private. But the one benefit of Studio is that the bathroom is still kept separate from the rest of the house. But if you’re thinking of moving into a studio apartment with a partner and you’re already calculating. How long you can reasonably expect to spend hiding in the bathroom looking for some peace and quiet. A one-bedroom apartment might be more your style instead.

The Benefit of a Bedroom Apartment is that it provides a degree of privacy and personal space that a studio apartment just cannot match.

3) The cost

The Price difference between studio and Bedroom apartments is also a major consideration. Studio apartments are often much less expensive to rent or acquire than one- or two-bedroom options. Mostly due to the fact that they have less floor space and thus offer a less traditionally appealing rental or buying possibility. Studio apartments will be among the most affordable rentals in your city. Despite the fact that they are likely to be in a good location with contemporary facilities. Due to the fact that studios are smaller spaces, they will also be less expensive to heat, cool, and light.

Additionally, due to their central locations. You will be less reliant on expensive public transportation or driving. As a side note, this also makes the studio a more environmentally friendly option to a bigger apartment, which is beneficial.


The decision between renting a studio or a one-bedroom apartment requires careful consideration of the entire rental experience in both cases. For a fair price, studio apartments may provide good locations and building facilities. But, they do so at the expense of important storage and living space, privacy, and many other critical amenities.

For higher monthly rent and higher monthly utility expenses, one-bedroom apartments provide a larger area with distinct rooms for different occasions. At the end of the day, only you can decide which of the two choices is the best fit for your situation by gaining knowledge About Studio and About One-Bedroom apartments.


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